Merry Christmas!

My name is David Smith and I’m an entrepreneur who is passionate about helping the homeless and the less fortunate through technology and the skills that I possess. I am always looking for new ways to empower those who are homeless and help them to improve their lives.

I’m using Project16 Christmas as a way to raise funds to help build a crowd-sourcing platform called “”. will do the following:

  • Encourage people to speak/interact with those who are homeless in their city.
  • Tell the stories of the homeless individuals they meet.
  • Help people spot small, everyday issues that they can solve easily and use the website to crowd-source items and funds to help a homeless person (e.g. Joe needs a sleeping bag).

This is a long term project and I’d like to raise the funds within 6 months to help build a prototype.

Let’s do something good in 2017!

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Thank you for reading.